DEAR (DECENTRALIZED ELECTRONIC money with AUTONOMOUS RESOLUTION) Protocol is being developed for Faster TPS, Native DAO, NATIVE DEX, Native Token, And everything you need to build any kind of DApps.

Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash

Faster Transaction Speed

Faster transaction is acheived by sparating the process of validation in to two part

  1. Transaction Validation
  2. Block Generation

No MEMPool

DEAR don’t have mempool it has Verified Transaction Pool © Embedded into it.

For both Transaction validation and Block validation we have setted up reward for validators.

Native DAO

you can create you own DAO by putting Team members list, Actions list, followed by some other options like Voting Power and staffs like that.

Native Token

There will be Inbuild token Creation stuffs where you can create token from cli.

Native Dweb

DWeb is the future of web. We are integrating DWeb through DEAR Chain.

And many more………

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DEAR Protocol

DEAR Protocol

Decentralized Electronic money, with Autonomous Resolution